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Come on in Butterflies

Using Flowers to Attract Various Butterfly Species Western Tailed Blue – Vetches, MilkVetches! 1. Choose other flowers for colour and nectar. Adult butterflies are most attracted to red, yellow, orange, and pink flowers. Adding some of these for colour is a great way to spruce up your butterfly garden. 2. Purchase and plant a few […]

Spring is Here!  Welcome Karner Blue Bloom!

Spring is Here! Welcome Karner Blue Bloom!

Each year there are two Blooms of Karner Blue Butterflies, the Spring Bloom and the Summer Bloom.  In mid to late April, The Ones that have overwintered on or near the ground…..Come into Full Bloom!  Right Around Now!  For more info, you can visit  The Wilton Wildlife Preservation at 80 Scout Road Gansevoort, NY! […]

Butterfly’s Life Cycle

Butterfly’s Life Cycle

The Caterpillar eventually Transitions into the Adult Butterfly!  If your Class wishes to Make a Fun Mini-Butterfly House,  Materials required are: Caterpillars (can be purchased in a Pet Store or online); Milkweed (or similar plant type); Small Twigs, Leaves, and other plant matter; Terrarium with Lid There are 4 stages for the Butterfly’s life cycle. They are: The Egg, […]