General Math Games

Hex A RAce
HEX-A-RACE!  Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division Game Make Learning Math Easy and Fun!  CAUTION: Once kids start playing — they cannot get enough!  Suitable for Levels 4-6;  

Complete set of 63 Printable Cards with Full Instructions  There are (182 Cards in Total): 1 Deck Cover Card, 4 Instruction Cards, 15 Question Key Cards, 160 Hexagon Cards, and 1 Answer Key. HAVE FUN Learning Math!  Ordering Options:  Printed Book     Create Space    Amazon Download PDF – Butterfly Books   Teachers Pay Teachers Black & White Version: Printed Book Form





Math Quiz Master 4Math 4 Quiz Master!  Make Learning Math Easy and Fun! CAUTION: Once kids get started- they won’t want to stop!  Quiz Master an Old-Fashioned ‘Q & A’ (Question & Answer) styled game for students. Students choose a Category, Division, Addition, Multiplication or Subtraction. Next they choose the challenge of the questions (points 1 – 6). Next the Quiz Master gives an answer, and they must supply the question.  Each Set has 2 Quiz Master Games each with 25 cards! Includes: Complete instructions for the teacher. Everything is explained and ready to use!  30 different printable cards. Just print them off and you are ready to go. Ordering Options:  Printed Book     Create Space    Amazon   Download PDF – Butterfly Books Math-Lessons  Teachers Pay Teachers    Black & White Version: Printed Book Form PDF –

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